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Note:  These lessons are not intended for professionals or for those who are already proficient in the guitar. These lessons are especially written for adults who have tried and failed, young children, or those with small hands. I know from experience that some of us with small hands just canít seem to finger the same chords that others can.  These lessons will teach you shorter versions of chords and perhaps some easier fingerings. To some, this may be cheating, but for us it is survival!

Materials in these lessons progress in small steps, each lesson building on the last, so it is best to take them in numerical order.

These lessons also teach note reading. I believe that in the long run any musician benefits from learning to read music instead of having to depend on a chart someone else has written up.  With note reading capabilities you can pick up ANY piece of music and understand it, whether it is written for piano, voice, violin or guitar.

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General Information Lessons

How to Play

Lesson 1. Acoustical Nylon String Guitar

Lesson 6. Holding Your Guitar

Lesson 2. Acoustical Steel String Guitar

Lesson 7. Using a Pick

Lesson 3. Electric Guitar

Lesson 8. The Downstroke

Lesson 4. Tuning to a Piano

Lesson 9. A Downstroke Exercise

Lesson 5. Online Tuner

Lesson 10. Alley Cat Jig


Lesson 11. The Musical Alphabet


Lesson 12  Sound Names


Lesson 13  The Left Hand

 More lessons will be added so come back soon!

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