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Sound Names

Pick up your guitar and play some strings. Listen carefully.  They all sound a little different, donít they? Did you notice that some sound high and some sound low?  Do you like the sound of some better than others? Try to match some of the sounds with your own voice. You could probably match strings 1, 2 and 3 pretty well, couldnít you?  Isnít it amazing that your voice can make almost the same sounds as you guitar. A piano can make these sounds, too.  (So can a flute or a trumpet!)  These sounds have names.  They are named after the Musical Alphabet!

Guitarist 202

Boy Singing

Play string number 1 on you guitar.  If your guitar is in tune, the sound you hear is named E.

If you match the sound with your voice, it is still called E.

Play these Eís on your guitar. Read them from left to right just like you did the numbers.  Remember, E is string Number 1.

E  E E  E E  E

Now, try the following line. Remember that the dot means to hold that sound a little longer.

E  E E  E E  E.

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