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The New York Philharmonic Kidzone

     A wonderful site for kids (and adults) about the New York Philharmonic.  There is a “Composer’s Gallery”, “Musician’s Lounge”, and an “Instrument Lab”. A fun and educational site.

The Classical Archives

     Comprehensive library of classical music to listen to or download.  Also has biographies and timelines of famous composers.  An extremely educational site.

Banjo Bob’s

     Great source for Bluegrass midis. Also has links to Irish, Scottish, English, Canadian, Welsh and Church midis.

The Allen Bluegrass Midi Band

     If you like to listen to Bluegrass music, go to this site.

The Cyber Hymnal

     Has over 3,400 hymns and gospel songs plus many lyrics, scores, pictures and short bios of sacred composers such as Fanny Crosby.

Fanny Crosby

     this site about Fanny Crosby is put out by The New York Institute for Special Education. Contains a very good biography on the life of this blind composer.

Music Education Madness

     In their own words, this is “a gathering place for music educators”.  There are lesson plans, software reviews, articles, Kids Korner, and a Music Business Directory.

Piano Street

     A relatively new site that has about 2500 pages of free classical piano music in PDF format. You must subscribe in order to download music but it is very simple process and FREE!

Sheet Music Archive

   Has free classical piano sheet music in PDF format.

Fantastic Software



Noteworthy Software

If you have ever wanted to write your own music, visit this site and download a free evaluation of their composing software.  This is a powerful program for a very reasonable price.

CD Sheet Music, LLC

If you would love to own every piece of music that composers like Beethoven wrote for the piano, check this site out. You can purchase CD’s that allow you to print compositions from your own printer.  You can own thousands of compositions that take up no more space than a few CD’s.  Fantastic if you want to play original classical works.

Vis-Soft Solutions

 If you have ever wanted to make tutorials on CD or on the WEB, Visual Tutor is the perfect software for you! Very user friendly and VERY reasonably priced!


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