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Holding Your Guitar

You have probably seen guitarists play the guitar in several different positions.  Many play while standing up while others prefer to sit down.   Some of us even like to curl up in the corner of a big comfy couch and play. Find what is most comfortable for you. At any rate there are a few basics to remember.

1. The fingerboard of your guitar will point to your left.  Hold it loosely with your left hand.  You will need to freely slide this hand up and down the fingerboard.

2. Strum the guitar with your right hand. You will strum your guitar where the strings cover the body of the guitar (usually over the sound hole).

3. If you are standing you will need a guitar strap that goes over your shoulder. This hooks to each end of the guitar and holds it in place in front of you.

4. You can probably dispense with the strap when you play in a sitting position.  Rest the body of the guitar in your lap.

Guitarist 1

Guitarist 2

Standing While Playing

Sitting While Playing


Getting Really Comfortable While Playing

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