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Musical Notation

 Composers (people who write music) have developed a special language for music. It is called musical notation.  This language has special signs and symbols that tell us what to play.  Music is written on one of the most important symbols in music. This symbol is called a staff and is made up of a set of five straight lines.  These lines are called staff lines.  Remember, five straight lines make up a staff.

The staff looks like this:


The 5 lines in a set of staff lines are numbered from the bottom to the top.


Each staff line represents or stands for a certain key on your keyboard.  Staff lines are also named for the key they represent.  For instance, staff line number one stands for the middle E and is named for that key.


Try playing the middle E’s below.  They are now represented by the first staff line.  Read the letters from left to right.  The letters are now placed in a circle for easier reading.



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