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Your First Keys

  Itís time to practice finding keys on your keyboard. After you find one, play it by gently pressing down with your finger until you hear a sound. Do not bang on the key because it can easily break.  Listen to the sound it makes.  Is it high or low?  Do you like the sound?  Try to memorize what that key sounds like.

  Now, Find the key named C on your keyboard. C is a white key and always lives to the left of two black keys.  Check out the diagram below if you need help finding a C.There will be several Cís on your keyboard. Try them all.  Which one do you like best?


                                             C C C C C C

Click on the little white note on the black circle if you want to hear what these Cís sound like.  The example is playing the C that is in the middle of you keyboard.

Suppose you want one of the Cís to ďsoundĒ longer that the others. Just hold that key down as long as you want the sound to last.  The sound will not last quite as long on a piano as it will on a keyboard or an organ.  In the following line, there will be a dot after the letter that should be ďsoundedĒ longer. Try playing the following line.

C C C C C C.


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